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[ 01.05.2014 ] Release of ImapX A new release, adding a cool new feature: IDLE support and fixing various bugs.

[ 16.12.2013 ] Release of ImapX An important bug fix release, improving the overall performance of the library. (version is replaced by this release)

[ 23.10.2013 ] Release of ImapX A new release, introducing a completely rewritten library, fixing many bugs and providing various new features. Massive refactoring has been done, please consider reading the documentation.  (versions to are replaced by this release)

[ 15.04.2013 ] Release of ImapX A long awaited release with many bugfixes and a cool new feature - OAuth2 support! Thanks to all you guys who helped making this release better with your feedback and suggestions! You can find a list of all updates been done to the library and the sample application here

[ 07.01.2013 ] Release of ImapX An important release, containing fixes for attachment & body parsing. All methods that work with messages were updated to use UID command to prevent unwanted sequence number shifts. Thanks to Yaroslav T. for provided code snippets.

 [ 16.12.2012 ] Release of ImapX Another update for the library, including fixes provided by Henkes and iamwill (See issues 1423 and 1424). Also fixed the project to build on .Net 3.5 without any errors.

[ 21.11.2012 ] Release of ImapX Today, we're happy to announce a new stable release of the ImapX 2 library! Please update to the latest version! The new release contains important fixes for bugs in the message processing, and also a stable sample application you can use to learn how to use ImapX.

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