ImapX 2 is a crossplatform IMAP library for .NET, supporting SSL/TLS, OAuth2 and all major GMail IMAP extensions. It's the only IMAP library which supports all .Net 2.0 - 4.5, Mono and Windows Phone 7.1 and 8.0.

Install ImapX using Nuget

PM> Install-Package ImapX


[ 16.12.2013 ] Release of ImapX An important bug fix release, improving the overall performance of the library. (version is replaced by this release)

[ 23.10.2013 ] Release of ImapX A new release, introducing a completely rewritten library, fixing many bugs and providing various new features. Massive refactoring has been done, please consider reading the documentation.  (versions to are replaced by this release)

[ 15.04.2013 ] Release of ImapX A long awaited release with many bugfixes and a cool new feature - OAuth2 support! Thanks to all you guys who helped making this release better with your feedback and suggestions! You can find a list of all updates been done to the library and the sample application here

News Archive

How to contribute to the project

We're glad to hear your feedback about existing, and suggestions for new features. Feel free to use the discussion section and the issue tracker to let us know your thoughts.
You can also provide some financial support for the ImapX 2 project by donating an amount of your wish.


Who is supporting ImapX 2

Jetbrains Microsoft BizSpark Dragnet Tech


  • Dragnet Tech (10$ monthly)
  • Roger Lawrence (25$)
  • Tom Burrus (20$)
  • Timothy Davis (25$)
  • Sferlazza Francesco (20$)
  • Laurens Kwanten (10$)





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